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strangepants's Journal

a fuckup
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good god, what have I become?
151 and coke, 2 skinee j's, 24, aesop rock, afroman, amnesiac, anime eyes, aphex twin, arizona green tea, army of darkness, art spiegelman, battle royale, beautiful books, bebel gilberto, beck, ben benskin, ben harper, big pants, biggie smalls, blackalicious, blythe, boards of canada, breaking shit, brian eno, busta rhymes, cabins in the woods, calvin and hobbes, cats, chali 2na, child soldiers, chrono trigger, chuck palahniuk, cleveland park, combat boots, cool disco dan, crack, cruel humor, cunninlynguists, d12, dark angel, darkslides, david sedaris, del tha funky homosapien, desert eagles, devil got my woman, dj krush, dj shadow, dr. dre, dupont circle, durandal, eminem, endtroducing, explodingdog, fezzes, fight club, french rap, funky russell crowe, fyodor dostoevsky, georgetown day school, ghost world, gorillaz, graffiti, grand theft auto, graphic design books, greenwich village, gus's pickles, halo, haruki murakami, hayao miyazaki, hieroglyphics, hip hop, hive, homemade extreme sports, hotties, infrared film, jamiroquai, jungle, jurassic 5, katz's delicatessan, killing whitey, koi, kung fu, le petit prince, lily of the valley, marathon, mario kart, megatokyo, metropolis, moonlight sonata, motorcycle gang wars, napping, new radiohead songs, ninjas, nirvana, norwegian wood, nugs, office space, ol' dirty bastard, olde english, outkast, performance art, photography, pierre henry, pirates, pocky, poetry, princess mononoke, prodigy, puffy amiyumi, racism, radiohead, red robots, sealab, senseless violence, sinfest, skip james, small furry animals, snow, soho, strip soul calibur, sushi, talib kweli, tasty cheese, tenleytown, the adirondacks, the chemical brothers, the dead zone, the grassy knoll, the lower east side, the matrix, the new yorker, the united kingdom, theater, thievery corporation, this mess we're in, thom yorke, three-piece suits, thursday, tim o'brien, u.n.k.l.e., vassar, vermont, waking life, weepy emo kids, wesley willis, wigging out, windy days, your mom